Mold And Air Quality Testing




Tru-View Property Inspections is the leading choice for Mold and Air Quality Testing for a few key reasons. Firstly, we do not provide remediation or treatment services, setting us apart from our competitors. This means we have no ulterior motives to find mold problems that would lead to costly treatment, ensuring our inspections are unbiased. Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced Professional Scientists with the highest certifications in the industry. This guarantees that our inspections meet the highest industry standards. We conduct a thorough assessment of your property to detect any signs of mold, offering professional recommendations for remediation only when necessary. If remediation is needed, we take the extra step of connecting you with a reputable remediation company. Rest assured, we have vetted these companies personally to confirm their expertise and reliability. With Tru-View Property Inspections, you can trust that your mold and air quality testing requirements are in capable hands.


The Process

When conducting a mold inspection, the inspector will visually examine all accessible areas of your property to identify any signs of water damage and detect visible mold growth in the living spaces. Tools like moisture meters and infrared cameras may be utilized to check for the presence of moisture.


Gathering Samples

The process of sampling is essential in assessing whether the concentration of mold spores in the indoor air is significantly higher than that of the outdoor air. Moreover, our sampling technique not only detects the presence of mold but also identifies the specific types of mold present within the premises. This comprehensive mold testing procedure is an integral part of a standard professional mold inspection. We also offer alternative methods of mold sampling, such as viable spore sampling utilizing tape or swabs.


Laboratory Analysis

The collected samples undergo analysis at a laboratory, conducted by skilled scientists who have received comprehensive training in the analysis of mold spores. Upon completion, a detailed mold inspection report is furnished, containing valuable information regarding the quantity of spores present, as well as the specific varieties of molds identified.


The Report

Within the report, you will have the findings. Moreover, it will incorporate photographs, along with comprehensive details concerning spore levels and classifications. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to consult with the laboratory scientist to address any inquiries you may have.